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About the Film
Star Wars: Ghost of the Rebellion takes place about two years before Attack of the Clones. The Old Republic is beginning to feel the turmoil and unrest from the separatists. When the council loses contact with Jedi Knight Lena on the distant world of Kuldan, Master Aurek and his Padawan Daelyn are dispatched immediately...

The Making of the Film
Ghost of the Rebellion was born in the spring of 2002 when a few friends and I figured out how to create the lightsaber special effects. We decided then and there we wanted to make a lightsaber fight. The premise for the story came from Brian Gamel. He and I began working out the basic storyline, and then over spring break of 2002, he completed the screenplay. With the completion of the script, we began working on costumes, makeup, and props. The only thing missing was a good digital video camera. Little did we know fate was about to hand us the last thing we needed. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones came out that May and we were interviewed by the Columbia Missourian about our fanfilm. In response to the article, a local Star Wars fanatic with an awesome camera, Josh Gilzow, contacted us. He joined us and October of 2002 we began filming the movie. Filming completed in September of 2003 and we’ve been in post production ever since. This whole project has been great fun for everyone involved, and we hope you enjoy it, too.

Sean Pfaff
Producer and Director