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2018-03-14 08:25:37
This is a sad Pi day as the world loses one of its great nerds. Fare thee well, Stephen Hawking!

2015-11-01 22:50:09
It took a year, but congratulations to the Kansas City Royals on winning the 2015 World Series!

2014-11-03 20:59:55
Congratulations to the KC Royals for a fantastic season and a great World Series run, you San Francisco sons of bitches.

2014-10-15 17:18:15
The American League Champion KC Royals now head to the 2014 World Series!

2014-10-05 21:34:56
The KC Royals won their division series! On to the Orioles for the AL pennant! Woot!

2014-04-14 11:14:04

2014-03-14 07:15:04
Happy Pi day!

2012-12-25 09:23:12
Annual Merry Christmas post:

Merry Christmas!

Annual Merry Christmas post completed.

2012-04-06 00:00:01
We now resume our regularly scheduled program.

2012-04-05 00:00:01
Happy birthday to Ja-Kun & JRGumby!

2011-12-24 16:49:06
Haven't made a site-wide post in a while, but this seems the season for it. Merrrrrry Christmas!

2010-12-27 09:10:06
Merry Christmas. And to you Brits out there, Happy Christmas.

2009-11-26 12:35:16
Happy Thanksgiving.

2009-02-14 20:30:44
Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

2008-12-25 09:56:08
Happy Christmuhannukwanzaamas!

2008-01-23 09:46:53
This is for you Heath.

2007-12-24 19:23:53
Merry Christmas

2007-11-22 02:26:21
Happy Thanksgiving!

2007-07-02 07:21:13
Welcome to PlanetName version 2... completed. Perhaps I should call it 2.5? Either way, it only took me a year to do this. I guess it's on target.

06-04-2007 02:41:36
Transfer complete. I bet no one noticed the down time.

06-01-2007 02:24:14
Yo. The site will be going down for possibly a day or two in the near future as the internet peeps migrate it to another server. Just a heads up.

03-17-2007 02:41:40
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

03-06-2007 17:44:47
I put up the music videos, behind the scenes footage, and an alternate scene for GOTR. Go to GOTR's media page to download it.

11-16-2006 00:29:32
The GOTR DVD has been completed. I'll try to get an ISO on the site for anyone who would be interested.

The movie is up under the media page. Enjoy!

The movie will be online January 28th, 2006.

We still haven't been able to get all of the browser and OS issues taken care of, but we'll keep working on it. Some pictures of the premiere have been posted under the premiere page. Star Wars: Ghost of the Rebellion should be online in January.

The premiere went fantastic! The Ragtag Cinema was completely "sold" out. I would like to congratulate all of the cast and crew on their work.
-Sean Pfaff, Executive Producer

The new site is up, but we're having browser/OS issues. It will be fixed soon. Click on the premiere button to get directions to the Ragtag.

The Ragtag Cinema has confirmed the showing on December 4th. Join the Rebellion this December 4th at the Ragtag Cinema in Columbia, MO for the premiere of Star Wars: Ghost of the Rebellion.

Well, the blasters are done and so are the sounds for the space battle. At this rate the movie will be done in no time.

The big space battle is complete. Next up the blaster battle!

The rotoscoping is complete. Now starts the work on the CG space battle and the shootout.

Felt like an update is due: Currently scenes 1-6, 9, 11-15, and 17 have all the visual effects, etc done. (There are only 17 scenes.) So if you can do the math, that leaves 8, 10, and 16 to do. But wait! Where is scene 7? It was cut. Pretty soon I will be posting stills and updating the banner pictures. I also will have the first music video posted.
If you like to rotoscope, email me.

Props to Dan for also turning in Guard 1's profile.

Liz is the latest one to kindly send in her bio.

Isaac came out of left field and sent us his own bio to replace the one so eloquently written by Katie. It's up on the characters page. Enjoy.

Many, many thanks to Katie (who I hope is not too angry with me) for submitting Guard 2's profile.

If you would like to see the original theatrical cuts of Episodes 4-6 on home media, follow the banner to and sign their petition.

The Awesome Steve Beck has submitted his character's bio. I think there are still a few bios missing though. Let's see.....oh, yeah. Guard #2's comes to mind...

The mighty webmistress has given our forums a new splash of color. Go check it out.

We are beginning the tedious rotoscoping for the lightsabers. Hopefully it should be completed shortly. If anybody knows any more efficient way of creating the lightsaber effects, email me.

The rest of the web site has been completed.

Forums added and the web site has been updated.

The third trailer has been posted on the media page.